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We are an IT services company using the power of technology to build better futures for our customers, colleagues, environment and communities.

At Mesobwerk, we are focused on turning our customers into superheroes by offering a simple-to-use consulting services and implementing sustainable solutions that transform people through technology and knowledge.

  • Our Mission

  • To give the best Hardware, Software Web and Mobile App Solution by serving all indutries in Ethiopia and accross the Globe.

  • Our Vision

  • To collaborate with Telecom to Implement ICT and Smart City Technologies to the local Industry.

  • Our Core Values

  • To ensure that both the hardware and software equipment of an individual & enterprise are well-secured so that they function uninterruptedly by installing, supporting, and repairing computer hardware, in addition to addressing networking, software or Internet issues.
    To identify, design, install and test a software system we built for our clients from the ground up by creating internal programmes that can help grow our clients business be more effecient to producing systems that can be sold to all industries on the open market to any industry.

We believe success comes with strong human trusted relations to help transform businesses, improve people's lives and have an impact on our community.

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We do offer awesome Services

Make the most of your technology investment with our service offerings—because bringing people and technology together is what we do best. Explore our collection of professional services below, and learn how we can help you use technology to drive better business outcomes.

Branding /Graphic Design

A brand needs to stand out from the crowd and a good design gets you started. We help our clients connect their brand identity with customers through printed and digital materials. Through our design services, we communicate what’s unique about your business, answer customer questions, and promote brand recognition.

Social Media Marketing

Almost every business can benefit from social media marketing services. While most companies know they should be using social media to market their business, they don’t know what networks to invest in—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. —or how much, and that’s where our social media management services step in. Mesobwerk’s social media management and advertising services remove the complexity of social media for business owners and let you stick to what you know best—running your business!

UI/UX Design

A decade in design has allowed our Mesobwerk team to perfect the process of delivering UI and UX services. We follow established design standards, workflows, and guidelines — you get the product you need, delivered by expert designers within the set time frame Our decade-long experience has allowed us to craft an efficient design process that brings solid results to our clients quicker on Mobile app UX and UI design services, Cross-platform experiences design, UI and UX consulting and Web design services.

App & Web Development

Web app development services help design, build, and evolve web-based software. Having delivered 20+ web projects, Mesobwerk is a company you can trust with the engineering of impactful, efficient, and easy-to-use corporate and customer-facing web apps, web portals, XaaS products, and more. By partnering up with Mesobwerk, you can accelerate user base growth, unlock new digital channels, raise conversion six-fold, and reach other rewarding business milestones.

IT Consulting

Our Information technology (IT) consulting services allow companies to implement IT strategies and solutions to achieve business-IT alignment, and drive max value from the current IT initiatives in doing so, align their technology strategies with their business or process strategies

Computer Services

We can offer a wide choice of knowledge and service, covering all fields related to computer maintenance. Whenever you experience computer hardware orsoftware issues, Mesobwerk IT support team will quickly determine cause and find asolution to your problem. We provide installation, upgrades and maintenance for operating systems: Windows Linux Mac OS X We offer diagnostic, repair and upgrade services for your IT equipmentand devices, laptops, desktop computers and mobile Devices.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital marketing services provide businesses of all sizes with an opportunity to market their brand 24/7 at a low cost. From startups to medium-sized enterprises to multiple-location companies, a digital marketing company helps you expand your niche market reach to offer goods and services to your target customers, irrespective of time differences or location. Hiring us as an internet marketing agency is one of the best ways to reach your prospects while maintaining a robust relationship with your existing clients. As long as your business has a strong digital presence, your customers will always find you.

Content Management

Mesobwerk's CMS service:

  • Content creation, which allows users to easily create and format content
  • Content storage, stores content in one place, in a consistent fashion
  • Workflow Management, assigns permissions and responsibilities for managing content based on roles such as authors, editors and admins
  • Publishing, organizes and pushes content live
  • Mesobwerk Website Branding

    Making every aspect of your site consistent with your brand's personality

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    Our Website Branding

    Web Design, Development, and Managed Hosting

    Our Digital Branding

    Branding and Graphics Design

    Mesobwerk Digital Branding

    build your brand online through websites, apps, social media, video and more.

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    MesoBwerQ's Managed IT Service

    Managed IT Service Questions

    • Managed services is the proactive practice of outsourcing IT management responsibilities and functions. By taking a proactive stance with your network security, systems, and application patching, and by employing comprehensive backup and recovery services. Our Managed Services provides businesses with 24-hour monitoring to immediately identify and correct potential issues as well as to provide remote and onsite maintenance and support.

    • Every business of every size in every industry must take a proactive approach to IT management in order toincrease productivity, reduce downtime, improve cybersecurity, and achieve better cost predictability.

    • Any business can benefit from Managed Services with Mesobwerk, but we are especially well-suited to small and medium businesses that cannot cost justify having a full IT staff on payroll or cannot afford a CIO. Any business that is looking to strengthen their security, develop powerful business continuity processes, and work with a dedicated partner and virtual CIO will benefit from Mesobwerk’s services.

    • Mesobwerk serves most industries, as business technology is common across industry verticals. We also have specialized knowledge in the needs of industries that have special compliance requirements, such as dental, medical,legal, and accounting industries as well as specific support systems designed to support oil and gas and transportation industries that make us a particularly strong partner.

    • Mesobwerk Team guarantees 1-hour response but the typical response is measured in minutes.

    • Yes. Mesobwerk takes a proactive approach to managing IT assets, including managing the life cycle of hardware and ensuring updated licensing and patching of all software.

    • Mesobwerk is a committed partner with a strong focus on service. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your business and your customers so that we can customize our service to you and ensure that you are able to provide that same commitment to your customers. We are dedicated to providingpredictability of service, cost certainty, and responsiveness. Our organizational maturity, extensive senior talent, expertise, and effective systemswill help you achieve your business goals.

    • Managed Services is priced on a cost per device basis.


    Our Hardworking Team

    We have a vested interest in our client's success. So we've built an agency culture and the team to support that interest. Everything we do is centered around combining our talents to help you innovate advance marketing.








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